Building up muscles

●    Building up muscles with minimal strain on tendons and joints

●    Strengthening the entire body

●    Improving endurance and fitness levels

Reducing cellulite and body fat

●    Enhancing metabolism

●    Reducing body fat

●    Improving cellulite

●    Strengthening connective tissues

Health and wellness

●    Improving posture

●    Easing the symptoms of incontinence

●    Easing/getting rid of back and lumbar pain

●    Improving blood circulation

●    Higher energy levels

People who want to shape up:

●    Weight loss

●    Cellulite treatment

●    Building up muscles

●    Toning

People with rehabilitation needs:

●    Easing problems with joints

●    Getting rid of muscular inbalance

●    Incontinence

People with not enough time:

●    Business people / Managers

●    Mums with small children

People who want fast results:

●    Brides / Grooms

●    People panicking before the bikini season

●    Professional sportsman

Muscle Formation & Definition

The Ems Miha Bodytecuses electro-stimulation to achieve stronger and more intense muscle contraction than voluntary exertion alone.Depending on intensity,
programme choice and individual goals,users can not only build up their muscles but can achieve better definition and make them stronger,
more responsive and less tired-simply more efficient.Train effectively in a new dimension.

Strength & Training

You will achieve rapid strength in a shorter time.The Ems Miha Bodytec goes to the heart of strength training.
Individual adjustment of intensity,duration and frequency,stets personaltraining goals quickly,effectively and consistently.
No matter wheter you want to increase your maximum strength or improving your strength endurance,the Ems Miha Bodytec is designed to suit the individual's requirements.


The Ems Miha Bodytec is equally at home in high performance and leisure sport.Whether alone or in addition to other training methods,professional or amateur,your personal training goals are always to the fore with Ems Miha Bodytec.

Health & Medical

Electro-muscle stimulation is now used in the areas of medicine and rehabilitation.
Therapeutic body and joint EMS technology is being used in pain therapy and in muscle development after operation and injuries.
The Ems Miha Bodytec has a beneficial and healing effect with back pain,in particular,with problems of incontinence and poor pelvic floor muscles,as well as with painfull muscle cramps.
The quality of life and health can improve with Ems Miha Bodytec.

Srength at all levels

Dealing with everyday problems is easy if you feel well physically and mentally. The Ems Miha Bodytec helps promote this feeling.Ems applications also have therapeutic effects because the physical and mental aspects are closely linked and often interact. Gentle training with the Ems Miha Bodytec improves the general wellbeing and performance,providing more vitality and enjoyment of life.

Disappearance of Pain

Back pain is the most common complaint among the general population.One of the main causes is muscular imbalance-especially in the torso. The Ems Miha Bodytec helps with the suffering by strengthening the muscles of the torso and restoring muscular balance. It is because the electric impulses train even deep stabilising muscles that are difficult to reach through traditional methods. A fit and strong back is attainable.

Rehabilitation & Mobility

After injuries and operations,the Ems Miha Bodytec provides optimal support when it comes to gently rebuilding muscles. Individual muscles or muscle groups are gently and specifically manipulated. All exercises increased any way you want or when performance improves through the exercises.


Bladder weaknes is not rare.Training with the Ems Miha Bodytec can prevent and relieve it by strengthening the muscles in the pelvic floor area to relieve or eliminate muscle weaknes and incontinence problems after just few uses.Therefore the Ems Miha Bodytec is also popular after pregnancy.

Beauty & Wellbeing

The all round trainig device,controls body styling to perfection.It attacks cellulite areas,reduces weight and fat and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.Problem zones can disappear once and for all.


Anti-cellulite treatment needs activity and activation.Instead of only treating the surface,the Ems Miha Bodytec provides a deeper solution. The electrical impulses activate the musculature and connective tissue ,stimulating circulation and the removal of superfluous fat cells.


By building fat free muscle mass and promoting metabolic activity,the Ems Miha Bodytec makes weight loss and fat removal a lasting possibility. In particular for women ,healthy eating and continual training,target problem areas and effectively reduce excess fat around the waist,hips and thighs.

Metabolism & Muscles

Optimal muscle metabolism is achieved through increased enzyme activity and improved circulation in organs and tissues. More energy is provided to the muscles for future expenditure.

Circulation & Massage

Heat development and the muscle pumping effect you receive during training with the Ems Miha Bodytec will provide better circulation through all connective tissues and the appearance of skin is improved.Whilst lymph transport,inner organs ,peristalsis and metabolism,for example ,are stimulated ,your wellbeing improves.