Speedfit is the new generation of EMS Technology Speedfit is the new generation of EMS devices.

The electric impulses that reach the whole body, result in intensive contractions that would be difficult to achieve with just doing concentration exercises and lifting weight.

It is 35 minutes and works with stimulating the muscles, without straining tendons or joints, with the result of enhanced calorie burning, weight loss, improved cellulite, improved endurance and stamina and with higher energy levels.
You might have needed many years of hard training before but now you can achieve the same result in short period of time with Kolb Speedfitness training.

With Just 2 x 35 minutes training sessions weekly it is sufficient enough to achieve the result shaping your body and building up your muscles. You will feel the difference and others will notice it too. The electric impulses ca reach the main muscle groups and the deep muscles as well, during the training sessions.

The device is a building bridge between rehabilitation, beauty & well-being and the world of fitness. During the training you will actively use 90% of your muscles. Kolb Speedfitness is the fastest way to fitness. With the training, based on the new generation of electric stimulation, you can achieve stronger and more intensive contractions rather than with the traditional training where you are only using certain muscles.

Depending on the intensity of the training and your personal targets, you can use this device for toning and for enhancing your endurance and fitness.

The device is not only for building up of muscles. It does not matter whether you are a professional or amateur sportsman with Kolb Speedfit you can achieve your best.
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